Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Exploring Cantrips: Resistance

Description: You imbue the subject with magical energy that protects it from harm, granting it a +1 resistance bonus on saves.


This would affect will, fortitude, and dexterity saving throws. Which in turn covers all forms of challenges and trials, with everything ranging from resisting diseases and poison to mind control to accidents and magic in general. 

This is potent and while not game changing - it's a +1 after all - it can more than double most average people's chances of falling afoul of something. The kicker, however, lies in its duration: 1 minute. 

What sort of ills can someone expect to befall them within the next minute? People going into dangerous buildings, such as ruins or those that are on fire. People entering sick wards or dealing with very ill patients. People entering courts where their wills might be twisted. 

Then again, there is no limit to how often this can be cast, so if the caster were willing to attend the others, they could renew the charge every minute. So doctors going on their rounds, firemen entering buildings - well, not so much, as there would be too much active danger to the accompanying mage. It could perhaps give sick people a temporary boost, such that going from one bed to the next would be of help. Dangerous sites could have someone placed there for good will... 

The one clear example I'm coming up with is hospitals and the sick. That's a stable environment with a constant problem that could benefit from this spell being cast on a normal basis. The other two saves - will and reflex - are too situational and brief to be of regular public use. 

The other use of course is for adventurers, guards, and criminals, who knowingly enter dangerous situations. Casting this on themselves before breaking into a home or invading a criminal den would be wise. So groups of people who engage in dangerous activities routinely would probably have someone who could temporarily boost their resistances. 

I could also see students paying to have this cast before exams simply for good luck. Judges, to avoid influence? Duelists? 

So, in summary: this cantrip would be of constant use and thus perhaps a presence in hospitals or by doctor's sides, embedded in criminal/law enforcement/adventurer groups, perhaps occasionally used by students going into exams, duelists about to fight, or judges or others going into court who wish to avoid mental manipulation. Finally, fire fighters and construction workers in perilous locations would probably pay to have this cast on them as they go into a dangerous site.

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